Building the Pathway to Multilingualism along the EL Roadmap Policy

Made possible through the California Educator Workforce Investment Grant English Learner Roadmap Implementation Chart


Welcome educators and school leaders! We invite you to join a robust network of educators dedicated to Multilingualism and English Learner support. Through the MCAP Digital Canvas Academies, you have access to FREE professional learning support that focuses on teaching strategies and programs to further the implementation of the English Learner Roadmap Policy. Join us today!

MCAP Digital Academies Available Now

The Multilingual California Project (MCaP) is offering FREE statewide asynchronous digital Canvas Academies in the areas of Biliteracy and English Learner support for teachers, paraeducators and administrators.

Our offerings currently include:

  1. The Dual Language Teacher Academy;
  2. The WRITE Initiative;
  3. The Bilingual Teacher Pathway;
  4. Preschool GLAD ®.: Alive, Aloud, and A Lot of Language;
  5. OCDE Project GLAD® en español;
  6. Secondary GLAD®: Shifting Practices in Secondary Classrooms;
  7. Instructional Practices for Preschool Teachers of Dual Language Learners;
  8. Language Development Through Science;
  9. Special Education in Bilingual Settings; and
  10. Parent and Family Engagement; and
  11. Academia Digital de CABE para el Involucramiento de Padres y Familias.

Each Academy includes 12 hours of engaging, asynchronous professional learning aligned to the EL Roadmap. Upon completion, participants will receive a MCAP microbadge for each course. Register today for FREE and join a statewide network of dedicated educators!