A key component of the Multilingual California Project is the promotion and celebration of multilingualism. In order to support and grow stronger and more robust multilingual programs and resources, MCAP has designated Language Resource Centers in California’s top languages to support instruction, oral and written fluency, and communication with students, parents, and families.

These Language Resource Centers are aligned to CalPads and Seal of Biliteracy Data. Each of our MCAP county office of education partners supports language resources, interpretation, translation and instructional support in these various languages:

• Orange County Department of Education: Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese (Cantonese/Mandarin)
• San Diego County Office of Education: Arabic and Tagalog/Filipino
• Fresno County Superintendent of Schools: Hmong
• Butte County Office of Education: Spanish
• CABE: Spanish

To contact any of the Language Resource Centers for support or resources, contact: